Solar Bike Lights!

Update 1/29/13.
If you’ve stumbled on my site wondering if it’s for real and if you can get a solar bike light here, it is, and you can. I’m still in ‘test’ mode but have been happy overall with the quality of these lights. I’ve had one on my bike since summer 2012. It’s been exposed to rain but continues to hold a charge and function well. I’ve only noticed that after a rain I sometimes have to toggle the on/off switch numerous times before it makes a connection.
I’m an avid bicycle rider and it bothered me that I couldn’t find a solar powered bike light. When I was able to acquire the domain I decided I would try to do this myself.
It’s taken a lot longer than I would have thought- to actually have some lights for sale on the site. The problem has been that most manufacturers require you to order a minimum of 1000 pieces! Finally I found a Chinese manufacturer who would sell me a sample order.
I’m in test mode and only have 20 lights in a variety of colors. If you want one they are $20 which includes USPS shipping IN THE U.S. ONLY. Email me john [at] and I’ll send you my paypal address once we determine which color light you want.

  • 3 Super Bright LED Bulbs
  • USB Charge Cable and Handle Bar Clip Included
  • Lights up to 4 hours (blinking – built in NiMH Rechargeable 6v 250mAh battery)
  • Built in Electronic Horn (see video above)

Solar Bike Light Black

Solar Bike Light Red

Solar Bike Light Red Open

Solar Bike Lights All Colors

2 thoughts on “Solar Bike Lights!

  1. I am interested in solar lights and all bicycle lights in general. I have many already.
    What is the address for you? Is this a website or forum?

    • Hi John, The site was an experiment. But I’d have to say that pretty much Amazon wiped out any idea of being a little guy with a niche online store. I ordered a couple of dozen solar bike lights from a Chinese company. I learned that the factories more or less make these on demand. That is, unless I was ordering 1-2000 lights, I would have trouble getting them. But we put together a smaller order of lights they had left from previous orders. I sold a handful. Use them on my bikes. I have a few left.
      Not a forum. Is there somewhere I can see photos of your bike lights?

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